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Top 5 Swimming Spots In Alice Springs

WARNING : Temperatures across the Northern Territory can be very hot especially from October to March. It can easily exceed 40 degrees Celsius during the daytime.🌡️

Believe it or not: the Northern Territory has many water holes. We have selected the top 5 stunning swimming spots near Alice Springs.

From Gorges, Lagoons, Waterfalls, Thermal Springs or Canyons Alice Springs won’t have any secrets for you.

The Northern Territory offers stunning geological diversity and a wide range of flora and fauna.

One of our favourite places to enjoy a picnic on the sandy beaches. 🏖️

Stay around until late afternoon to watch the sunset, you won’t regret the beautiful change in colour of the High Red Cliffs.

Ellery Creek Big Hole is a spectacular location for a swim. Its large gum trees and lush bush land that surrounds Ellery Creek makes this one of the prettiest waterholes in the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Another wild swimming hole near Alice Springs, with probably the easiest access is Glen Helen Gorge. 🏖️

This stunning gorge with huge cliffs on either side is a very peaceful area, where, on a clear night, you can see the whole milky way shimmering across the night sky. Glen Helen is one of the more popular overnight camping stops.

Looking for a swimming spot near Alice Springs all to yourself? Well, Redbank Gorge is a top spot amongst the locals. 🏖️ You will understand why when you experience it for yourself: breathtaking.

The 1 km walking track to get to the falls takes around 20 minutes and does involve picking your way over quite a few rocks so hiking shoes are recommended. Once you reach the end and jump into the first swimming hole the adventure begins. Explore your way through the gorge, swimming down narrow passages and climbing small waterfalls into secluded pools surrounded by high cliff faces.

Tips : Swimming through the gorge is at it's best after a large rain has flushed out the pools and passages.

Ormiston Gorge is the most impressive swimming spot. 🏖️This deep gorge is full of

native flora and fauna . Some of these relic plant species are from Central Australia's tropical past.

Tips : Ormiston Pound Walk - a 3 to 4 hour circuit that leaves from the visitor centre, across the rocky slopes and the flat floor of the pond and back along the gorge via the main waterhole. A spectacular hike to undertake before cooling off in the swimming hole.

Trephina Gorge is known for its quartzite cliffs and its sandy creek bed. Water holes in this area attract much wildlife, including a diverse range of birds.🏖️

This last wild swimming hole in the Red Centre attracts wildlife, including a diverse range of birds.

Tips: Experienced walkers can complete the Trephina Ridgetop Trail to John Hayes Rockhole

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